This $20 thumb drive sale will add 128GB of storage space to USB-C and standard USB computers-CNET

2021-11-12 07:34:04 By : Mr. Jack P

No matter what computer you have, this thumb drive will work.

Although everyone likes USB-C, it is a pity that everything will take a while to run on a single standard again. If you are traveling between UBS-C and USB-A, you can use thumb drives with a port on each end to make life easier. These multi-port drives allow you to move data from one place to another without worrying about whether you have the correct port. They are usually a bit more expensive than your standard thumb drive, but today SanDisk has a 128GB model that is priced lower than its standard price. 

SanDisk's Ultra Dual Drive Go is a small thumb drive with 128GB of storage space. Thanks to its internal USB 3.1 architecture, it can move data at a speed of 150 megabits per second. The keychain hole allows you to easily clip it on the key and carry it with you, and the five-year manufacturer's warranty guarantees its use for a period of time. For only $20, it is difficult to argue with such a great drive. 

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